Analytic Services

BIOGENETICS offers a wide range of nucleic acid analytical services: general, based on proprietary technologies such as GENOMID®, and/or mixed (using proprietary and licensed technologies). All the services are carried out in our own laboratories, according to the strictest quality processes applied by the Company, currently in the process of certification according to ISO standards.

  • Specific kits for extraction and purification of DNA, designed to work in a highly efficient way.
  • Master Mix for the preparation of PCR samples, suitable both to obtain high fidelity and ultra-high (HiFi) and long sequences. In case of extremely long PCR products, or with a high percentage of GC, amplifications will only be allowed with the BIOGENMix Long Range® master mix (not included in the price list).
  • Big Dye Terminator v3.1 sequencing kit. (1x) from Applied Biosystems®. Check in case of special needs.

Please contact us in case of special needs.