• BIOGENETICS pioneer in "single-molecule" sequencing

    BIOGENETICS as part of its reasearch activity in new technologies of sequencing participate in testing the disruptive mobile sequencer MinION. Read More
  • GENOMID, first world -DNA based- food smart label, verifiable wit a smartphone.

    GENOMID ® offers to the agrifood and fisheries sectors a system for the acreditation of identity of their food products, unforgeable and verifiable directly by anyone at anytime. Read More
  • Molecular bioidentification verifiable with a smartphone, the 2DNA codes.

    2DNA is a scaneable code with any smartphone, similar in functionality to a QR code, that contains within its own coding, all the genetic information (based on DNA) about the identity and characteristics (quality) of a food. Read More

    The actuality of our activity... Read More
  • PatoGENOM quick and effective diagnostic of farm diseases

    PatoGENOM ® is a service that offers you a quick, easy and reliable diagnostic for a very huge number of patologies, including congenital ones, by molecular identification. Read More
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  • Agrifood" data-mosaic-order-date="2014-01-22 18:23:56">
    Food Quality Seal, analitically verifiable, GENOMID. Services of molecular analyzes for Food Safety. Identification of species, breeds and individuals from
  • Farming" data-mosaic-order-date="2014-01-22 18:42:16">
    Programs of genetic improvement PROGENIEX. Molecular detection of patogens. Identification of congenital diseases, Bio-identification, DNA based, of cattle and pets.
  • BioDiversity" data-mosaic-order-date="2014-01-22 19:03:29">
    Molecular ecology. Conservation Genetics. Study of compatibility for repopulations. Identification of traces for endagered species. Characterization of local breeds .

The SeQfood platform that BIOGENETICS will offer soon to the market, will include also eShop-eCommerce services. In such way that the farmers, manufacturers, distributors and certification entities clients of GENOMID will be able to activate this feature, that offers the oportunity to commercialize directly their products on a "online-shop" unattended and with the more advanced features for free.