BIOGENETICS ® develops new disruptive technologies for the practical application of genomic, proteomics and metabolomics, between other omics sciences, to the agrifood, farming, veterinary and biodiversity preservations sectors.

BIOGENETICS ® has powerful and innovative own technologies for molecular fingerprinting or bio-identification, as GENOMID ®; which offers efficient and versatiles solutions for the identification, doubly verifiable and unforgeable, of any live organism, as well as the agrifood products derivates from the same.

Complementarily the development of the exclusive bio-informatic platform  2DNA, that permits the graphical representation of the identified genotype by mean of 2D graphical codes with QR (quick response) capabilities, makes possible its easy application to a huge quantity of practical uses and specially for the identification of agrifood products.

This system of certification of "guaranteed identity" (food smart labeling), permits to anyone through actions automatically programmed in the 2DNA codes -scaneables by mean of any smartphone- the automatic access by Internet to the thematic network called "SeQfood" (Secured Quality Foods). Which offers a huge potential for the enhancement of the current schemes of agrifood quality certification, the improvement of the food safety, the adding of value to producers and distributors and increased of customers satisfaction.