Tunna 2DNA code identified



2DNA is a scaneable code   with any smartphone, similar in functionality to a QR code, that contains within its own coding, all the genetic information (based on DNA) about the identity and characteristics (quality) of a food.

Its name is an acronym from the terms 2D and DNA, alluding to its function of store in a 2D graphic information from DNA as part of the GENOMID smart labeling system for food.


2DNA vs codebars


The 2DNA, as the QR, are bidimensional or 2D codes, because store information both on the "X" and on the "Y" coordinates, in contrast with a barcode for example, which only stores information on the "X" coordinate.



The 2DNA codes from BIOGENETICS are the only scaneable codes specifically designed to store the genetic information of foods and represent a new concept that will mark the begining of a newv era in the bio-identification of living organism.

They provide a reliable food identificator, that permits also a quick access to the most complete information about the same. Since their identity to their characteristics: nutrionals, health related, gastronomics, productive, etc... clearly explained and without the restriction of the size of labels.

But the two exclusive differences that convert to the 2DNA in a unique seal with never seen features between the huge quantity of seals and quality labels that saturate currently the market are:


2DNA provides analitical information about the identity and real properties of food, based on its DNA, with the same reliability and confidence that the identification of a suspect in a crime scene or the most advanced diagnostics about the susceptibility of getting a concrete disease. 

This characteristic provides it not only the confidence about that the quality and/ or identity of food are real and not based on criteria determined and evaluated "on paper", if not that enables also the possibility to realize at anytime a counter-analisys to verify the code (2DNA) or replace its lost.


The 2DNA codes have been designed to provide a quick mechanism, accesible by anyone at anytime, for the vertification of the information about a food, or living organism. For that, their security results a key matter to avoid their falsification or fraudulent use, and with this goal have been endowed with the maximum security against both insiders (incorrect use) and outsiders (falsification), additionally to their exclusive possibility of be analitically verified at any laboratory. 

Incorrect Use

The incorrect use of 2DNA codes (for example their improper fixing by error in similar products not corresponding to the certified lot) results impossible due to the extense information provided by the own code about the specific identity and traceability of the product, that informs about:

  • production and expiration dates
  • identity and contact info about producer
  • identity (genetically guaranteed and verifiable) about the product
  • the distributor (point of sale to consumer)
  • the total quantity of lot and the already sold 



It is no possible its falsification because is a propietary code whose procedure of generation  is protected by industrial secret. Even the "reverse engineering" to decipher how to generate a fraudulent new one results virtually impossible to have a data encription AES 256 similar to applied in the electronic banking services.