2DNA - System for food intelligent labeling, based on DNA

2DNA is a intelligent labeling system for food, based on DNA, which provides a reliable differentiation of foodstuffs, in the context of a global market saturated with guarantee and quality labels which not provide real analytic information.

This system uses GENOMID technology, developed by BIOGENETICS, to guarantee authenticity and food features through DNA analysis, providing this information in an easy and accessible way: by using a smartphone. This is possible thanks to a scannable code (2DNA), verifiable in any place and at any moment.

GENOMID is the first, and currently the only one technology at a global scale that offers an analytic labeling of food identity and quality, double verifiable: through its own scannable code (2DNA) and/or by a simple analytic kit at laboratory. Thanks to its efficient and easy application, it is suitable for highest production volumes and agrifood industry logistics, allowing an almost “real time” certification.

2DNA intelligent labeling system is disruptive in its philosophy, completely oriented to consumer satisfaction. It provides the consumer the possibility to access not only to food certification data but also to results from counter analysis performed in any laboratory with BIOGENETICS kits.

Features and benefits

  • Product differentiation based on verifiable analysis.
  • Authentication monitoring: lack of fraud and errors.
  • Traceability and suppliers control.
  • Control of production process.
  • Quality standards.
  • Increased competitiveness/improved market position.
  • Improvement of commercial results (expected increase in sales performance and profit margin compared to products without accreditation capacity).
How does 2DNA intelligent labeling system work?
Why should I apply 2DNA intelligent labeling system?

Use case