ExcelGENE - Food quality certification analytically verifiable

This product is focused on quality accreditation of fresh and processed foods. Here its main features:

  • Control of organoleptic properties (genetically based) associated to quality, for a particular food product.
  • Qualitative and quantitative identity monitoring: identification of species/varieties in a sample and their proportion, avoiding food adulteration (i.e. mixed varieties in Basmati rice, processed meat products including different species from those indicated in label)
  • Monitoring of processed food products, e.g. lack of offal in processed meat products, juices which contain different fruits from their label indicates…)
  • Lack of pathogens in foodstuffs, closely related to food quality (e.g. food labeled as “fresh” but had actually been previously frozen)
  • Lack of GMO.

ExcelGENE may be complemented by 2DNA genetic identification system.