Analytic Services

Nucleic acid analytic services based on proprietary and licensed technologies

BIOGENETICS offers a broad range of nucleic acid analytic services: general, based on proprietary technologies like GENOMID, and mixed (combining proprietary and licensed technologies). All services are performed in our own laboratories, according to the stringent quality requirements applied in our company, currently in process of ISO certification.

  • Agrifood products genotyping: varieties characterization, plagues and pest resistance analysis, drought tolerance).
  • Analysis, validation and development of new makers (SSR, SNPs,...).
  • Detection and quantification of pathogen or spoilage microorganisms (conventional microbiology or qPCR).
  • Detection and monitoring of strains implantation for food industry.
  • Soil microbial analysis (bacteria, fungi) by NGS sequencing.
  • Epigenetics.
  • Gen expression.

We recommend the use of specific kits (availables in BIOGENETICS) when purchasing analytic services:

  • Specific kits for DNA extraction and purification, designed for highly efficient working.
  • Proprietary Master Mix for PCR samples preparation, suitable for high and ultra-high fidelity (HiFi) and very long sequences. For extremely large PCR products, or GC-rich sequences, we only work with amplicons obtained with BIOGENMix Long Range® Master Mix (not included in the rate).
  • Big Dye Terminator v3.1. (1X) Sequencing kit (Applied Byosistems®).

Please contact us in case of special needs.