Bioinformatics Services

BIOGENETICS offres bioinformatics analysis services for NGS sequencing technologies genomic data. Some of our available services:

  • Metagenomics: global analysis of microbiological populations, sequencing of 16S/ITS amplicons, location of sequences in massive databases.
  • Genomic resequencing: primary, secondary and tertiary analysis of DNA data (FASTA, FASTq). Specific regions, Exomas, Complete Genomes, detection of genomic variants and identification variants, factor analysis, etc.
  • RNA-Seq (WTSS): transcriptomic bi-directional processing in-silico mRNA-cDNA-mRNA. Control and quantification of gene expression (differential expression, clustering, co-expression, prediction, selection of markers, etc.).
  • De Novo Sequencing: assembly of genomes (from short and long-reads). Definition of scaffolds. Functional identification of genes.
  • Comparative genomics: search of genes / operons / differential functions, Comparative multi-genome study, inter and intra-population comparison, identification of variants, etc.).
  • Epigenetics and gene regulation: analysis of ChIP-Seq data, identification and comparative study of regulatory regions of transcription as well as methylation patterns and other post-transductional alterations, correlation with phenotypic variant, etc.
  • Proteomics: quality control, normalization and proteome analysis (quantitative analysis of proteins, factor analysis, etc.).
  • Genomic resequencing: Specific analyzes in Hi-Fi conditions of genes/proteins, inference and study of biological systems.

  • Ad-hoc development: development of customized software solutions for privately financed projects.
  • Cloud storage service for research data.
  • Online application for processing and secondary and tertiary analysis of NGS data, with vertical solutions for applications in molecular microbiology, population genetics and conservation.

Available equipment in our Data Center