PatoGENOM® - Molecular diagnostic test for infectious and congenital pathologies

PatoGENOM® are available in kit version (direct use, without additional equipment) or like Outsourcing service. Both offer the possibility of additional verification analysis if positive results.

Features and benefits

  • Disease prevention and more efficient management of pathologies.
  • Fast diagnosis, higher sensitivity and fiability.
  • Two available versiones: PatoGENOM kit or Diagnostic Services (outsourcing).
  • 2DNA technology compatible (access to clinic history of samples and specimens).
  • Quality of analysis assessment (internal controls)
How does PatoGENOM® work?

PatoGENOM® has also kits for the diagnosis of some phytopathologies, see the Products section / PatoGENOM for more detailed information.

All of the PatoGENOM® molecular diagnostic kits are for veterinary use or research use. Due to zoonotic capacity of some of the tested pathologies, its use will be exclusively limited to specialized staff in laboratories provided with adequate biosafety measures.