PROGENIEX® - Genetic improvement integrated programme

PROGENIEX® is a genetic improvement integrated programme which combines factors of population and quantitative genomics (phenotypic traits) with molecular genetics, to confirm the heritability of desired traits. Moreover, it allows to identify other threats only appreciable through DNA analysis of individuals (karyotype incompatibility, monitoring lost of fitness, genetic defects-BLAD, DUMPS, CVM, BC, FXID–, etc.).

PROGENIEX® is a key tool to improve the efficiency and profitability of a farming production, through selection of progenitors according to particular traits of interest (milk production, disease resistance and/or tolerance to environmental conditions, ...).

Compared to conventional methods for genetic selection (selection and crossing of the best specimens), which require very high financial inversion and risks, PROGENIEX® offers to farmers a simplified system, which results in faster and easier implementation and cost reductions. PROGENIEX® uses GENOMID technology, with high efficiency and speed, providing results in the shor or medium term.

Features and benefits

  • Increased production with smaller number of animals.
  • Rationalised use of available resources.
  • Improvement of feed efficiency.
  • Increased fertility.
  • Increased genetic variability (population fitness).

PROGENIEX® may contemplate advances aspects for improvement of intra- and interracial crosses like:

  • Y-chromosome polymorphisms (Stranzinger et al. 2007).
  • Selection of recessive genes and mutations.
  • Selection of not evident traits or difficult to assess by phenotype, like disease resistance or gene pyramiding.
  • Acceleration of improvement process: progeny phenotype prediction before crossbreed, confirmation at birth (without waiting to phenotype expression in adults).
  • Exclusive selection of heritable traits (ignoring non-transmissible traits, influenced by environmental conditions, etc.).