GOLD - GOLD member

Gold Lab Distinction (GOLD) is an account modality reserved only for research groups with an accredited solvency and scientific career.

The purpose is to contribute to the development of their work, taking an implication beyond the simple commercial relationship and more framed in a field of collaboration.

Access to this profile has the following advantages:

  • LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEED. This account is reserved for those groups who become 'partners' and not suppliers, with the commitment to improve any offer that could be lower than the one offered by the standard GOLD conditions.
  • Annual prepaid contract. Once the project or main purpose of the collaboration has been defined, a budget will be formalized with an annual scope of work, the amount of which must be paid upon presentation of the corresponding invoice. GOLD members can use the contracted services at any time for a maximum of 3 years.
  • Multi-year billing, for a maximum period of 3 years. (endorsed*). The account allows analysis or services to be carried out with charge to the available balance during the period of up to 3 years from the payment of the corresponding balance. Never more balances without being able to be executed due to deadlines problems.
  • Red numbers.. GOLD accounts allow analysis without a positive balance in the amount (red numbers) up to 20% of the average balance of the previous semester, with regularization allowed throughout the current year. Because your work does not know of call dates or resolution.
  • Joint publications. Works whose results are the object of publication, will include BIOGENETICS personnel involved as authors and also mentioning the company.
  • Minimum Volume Billing. Annual sales volume of at least 20.000 €. Discounts depending on the volume. These discounts will be applicable to most items. Ask us for more information.

    Less than 35.000 €

    - 20 %

    Between 35.000 and 50.000 €

    - 35 %

    More than 50.000 €

    - 50 %

Point system

Each 1.000 € spent equals 10 GOLD points, which will be redeemable for discounts or products that will appear in the GOLD customer points catalog.

* Optionally, for pre-invoiced amounts over € 30,000, a financial guarantee may be formalized.