Fragment analysis

Fragment analysis

Fragments analysis allows to determine the size of DNA fragments through capillary electrophoresis. These fragments are previously generated by PCR of specific regions, where the primers will be marked with a fluorophore. We use the AbiPrism technology (Thermo Fisher Scientific) for the genotyping of SNPs and analysis of different molecular markers (STRs, VNTRs, CNVs, AFLPs, ...)

Rates Taxes excluded


Fragments analysis (PCR products supplied by the client)

7,50 € *

ANTES 9,75 €

427 € *(4,50 €/sample)

ANTES 550 € (5,70 €/sample)

Only migrate (Mixture supplied by the client)

5,50 € *


313 € *(3,30 €/sample)

ANTES 405 € (4,20 €/sample)

In case of sequencing failures due to the characteristics of the sample (low quality DNA or quantity, poorly purified or inadequate primer) the services will be billed as well.

* 5th anniversary promotion

Promotion valid for the first order and with a minimum amount of 18,500 € of tax base. Ask us for any clarification

Sending samples

Samples must be correctly labeled and identified. It is recommended to use well sealed 0.2 mL tubes. The PCR or DNA products to be sequenced must be purified and quantified (see if you need these services), and the samples must be diluted in nuclease-free water, avoiding elution buffers from commercial kits.

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Depending on the needs of each project, BIOGENETICS will study your case to offer the most suitable budget. BIOGENETICS offers special promotions in case of contracting large volumes or multiple analyzes. Ask us to know more about the promotions.