Food Transcriptomic

BIOGENETICS proposes a new approach for the detection of allergens in all types of food with transcriptomic technology: AllerGene system. Transcriptomics focuses on the study of messenger RNA (mRNA), an intermediary between DNA and protein synthesis, making it possible to know what is being expressed in a cell under certain conditions.

It provides quantitative and qualitative information, and allows not only to detect the allergen, but also to identify the expression of the gene that produces the allergen (double verification of the result). Therefore, we obtain greater efficiency, sensitivity and specificity than applying immunoenzymatic techniques.

AllerGene allows the determination of all allergenic groups in a single analysis and the identification of homologies between glycoproteins (prevention of cross reactions).

Transcriptomics applied to the detection of allergens offers a fundamental tool for the improvement of diagnostic and therapeutic strategies. The transcriptome analysis of potentially allergenic products and species allows detecting the presence of new variants of known allergens or new allergens, contributing to increase the knowledge in this field and the possibilities of treatment.