GENOMID® is a technology developed by BIOGENETICS, based on molecular markers, aimed at providing a reliable differentiation of agrifood products in a global market saturated with guarantee marks and quality labels without a real analytical endorsement.

The aim of GENOMID® is to guarantee the authenticity of the identity and the characteristics of any agrifood product, in an analytical way -by means of its DNA-, so that the information provided is real and unforgeable.

In combination with the 2DNA labeling system, providing a double possibility of verification, easily and quickly accessible by anyone by a simple mobile phone.

Why GENOMID® is different from other systems based on molecular markers?
  • Own protocol for nucleic acids extraction. Robust and reproducible results, in less than 24 hours even from elaborated or highly processed samples (degraded DNA).
  • Exclusive bookmarks: Ability to identify and prove unprecedented and exclusive characteristics: geographical origin, breeds, organoleptic properties ... Rapid development of customized markers for new products.
  • Bioinformatics platform: Creation of 2DNA scannable codes and collaborative 'cloud' platform for the registration of bookmarks, features and products. Immediate implementation without additional investments.

Along with the continuous development of genomic technologies and the establishment of NGS sequencing, GENOMID® has adapted to continue providing the most innovative and efficient solutions. BIOGENETICS is able to quickly and efficiently develop panels for NGS, for the identification and characterization of any living organism.

Available GENOMID® libraries

Taxonomic group Identified species
Fish >16.000
Actinopterigios (radiated fins) 14.500
Elasmobranchs (cartilaginous) 810
Others >1.100
Birds >2.800
Anseriformes (ducks, geese ...) 126
Galliformes (chickens, partridges, turkeys ...) 143
Columbiformes (pigeons, ...) 121
Other (wild, domestic) 2.500
Mammals >1600
Artiodactyls (goats, pigs, cows ...) 197
Carnivora (dogs, cats, wild ...) 164
Primates 138
Cetaceans 59
Other (rodents, marsupials ...) > 1100
Reptiles >1.800
Amphibians >2.400
Plants >62.000
Angiosperms (plants with flowers) >51.000
Chlorophytes / Rhodophytes (algae) >1.500
Others (bryophytes, lycopods) >10.000
Invertebrates >3.500.000
Arthropods, annelids, mollusks, nematodes ... >3.500.000